excalibur data recovery service contract and forms

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There are currently two incentive/partnership programs available to those interested in using and/or offering our data recovery service to their clients or end-users. 

Each drive receives an individual quote for an evaluation fee and recovery service price range.  Our service is initially based upon the size of the hard drive and the operating system/configuration.

We are happy to contract directly with the reseller/service provider, or directly with their client. It depends on how involved in the process you wish to be and who will ultimately be responsible for the recovery payment.

As a Referral Agent, you may choose to refer your clients directly to Excalibur.  We will track the inbound referrals.  Monthly, we would review in house activity and determine if there were clients that Excalibur successfully recovered data for that were a direct result of your referral/involvement.  The recovery service invoice would be examined and a predetermined percentage would be calculated based on the recovery amount invoiced…resulting in an agent commission being forwarded to you.  This process would apply regardless of the number of clients referred. This program requires little to no involvement on your part (should you so choose). If your client contracts directly with us, they would be responsible for making any and all associated service fee payments and arrangements.

You may also elect to contract on behalf of your client if you wish to be the contact through the entire process. This is beneficial if you are to provide new hardware, reconfigure the client’s existing system and assist in the installation of recovered data.

The same service structure applies (evaluation/recovery range) at a slightly reduced rate than that offered to the general public.  This account is established when volume is involved and an ongoing relationship is desired.  A published price list is issued to Corporate Accounts so that you always know and can readily quote your client directly for the recovery service without contacting Excalibur first.  Individual contracts are not required per job, eliminating the hassle of tons of redundant paperwork.  Pre-registration is on file, as are terms and conditions.   You are, however, obligating yourself to be the middleman for each recovery as well as taking responsibility for payment(s).  

We find that the Referral Program is the most popular with retailers, resellers and service organizations with a wide range of clients requiring irregular or infrequent service intervals.  It also is more relaxed offering both a hands on or hands off approach.  The Corporate Account is most popular with corporations responsible for controlling and tracking activity of their own IT departments, clients and/or employees on a grand scale.  It usually requires taking full responsibility and overseeing every aspect of recovery interface and billing/payment.  This program does preserve the anonymity of your contracted client/end user when applicable and if desired.  Those involved in the Corporate Program feel that Excalibur is more of an extension of their corporate resources and not a separate entity. 

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