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The result of the vast choices in software, various operating systems, and constantly evolving technology is the more frequent need for data conversion in situations such as:

  • Changes in software
  • New computers that need to be integrated with incompatible equipment
  • Relocating data to anew computer system
  • Sharing data with other offices, clients, or vendors with different computer systems

Excalibur Data Recovery's Data Conversion partner provides cost-effective, fast, reliable and accurate data conversion for small, medium and large sized organizations as well as individuals. We offer:

  • Conversion from any format - Framemaker, HTML, Interleaf, PDF, SGML, Word RTF, XML and many others including old, obsolete word processing programs.
  • Consistent, reliable word to word conversion on time.
  • Data Conversion between PC. Unix/Linux and Macintosh operating systems.
  • Guaranteed results fine tuned to your satisfaction.
  • Conversion from and to almost any media format.
  • Foreign language support
  • Mainframe and Midrange conversions

How does it work?

  1. You provide the document(s) for conversion on the media of your choice: CD, Floppy Disk, DVD, Tape, etc.
  2. We review the documents and your requirements, and prepare a sample for your review
  3. Upon review and revision of the sample, the documents are delivered to your specifications, on your schedule, on your choice of media, by deadline!

Contact us, or call our data recovery hotline at 1-800-466-0893.


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