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Single Hard Drive Media recovery pricing Starts at $800, with an evaluation fee starting at $75.

The size of drive/storage capacity/formatting and damage encountered dictates the actual evaluation fee and recovery range (best case/worst case scenario based on tech time to recoup data).

For Single, encrypted hard drives, the pricing starts at $950, with an evaluation fee starting at $95.

Again, the type of encryption, storage capacity, damage and time spent will dictate the final outcome and cost.

In any situation regarding data loss, you should contact a qualified representative in our office to discuss your potential expenses have them answer any specific questions relative to your particular loss.

Final cost of recovery is quoted based on many factors: type of media, storage capacity, number of files, size of files, and type of damage to the media being submitted. Tech time expended in the recovery effort dictates final cost of service and is in no way comparable to the replacement cost of the media being submitted. This is a specialized service dedicated to extraction of customized client information.

Initial evaluation and clean room charges are waived when recovery quotes are accepted.

Again, the above does not cover RAID arrays, mirrored sets, NAS, SNAP Windows or MAC Servers, or other media we may support. Please call for custom quote. Tapes and other media also supported.

Thank you. We look forward to servicing your account.

To submit a service request, please download and complete our
Data Recovery Submission Form and include it with your media.

Click here to download our Service Outline - Terms & Conditions.