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Did your hard drive fail?

Here are some steps & tips to prevent permanent data loss:

Excalibur Data Recovery of Methuen, MA recovers lost dataShut your computer down immediately if any unusual noise is heard (ex. clicking, whirring or grinding).
  • DO NOT run utilities if you are not familiar with the programs!!! If you do, make sure you can UNDO any alterations if they prove unsuccessful.
  • DO NOT open the drive in an uncontrolled environment. This can disturb the hardware settings and allows contaminants to settle internally on the media surface.
  • Avoid home remedies for data recovery (ex. freezing the drive, hitting the drive to release a “stuck” head stack, etc.)…these processes can cause further damage or permanent data loss.
  • Make sure you package the drive properly when preparing it to for shipment. Hard drives are extremely sensitive to impact or static electricity. Place the drive is an anti-static bag, surround the device in padding and place in a sturdy container.
  • Provide Excalibur Data Recovery with details about the critical data files you are most concerned about.
  • Enclose, with your device, the executed data recovery agreement & job number assigned by Excalibur Data Recovery. This helps us to quickly identify the media and start the data recovery process!

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