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If you have a data recovery emergency, read this immediately and then report your problem to our 24 hour data recovery hotline at:

If you are having a problem that is less urgent, please fill out our on-line recovery estimate form, and a data recovery specialist will either e-mail you a quote, or call you directly if you so request.


Tips for the Data Recovery Emergency
Make sure to properly protect your hard drive when packaging it for shipment. Place the drive or tape in an anti-static bag, wrap it in bubble wrap if possible, and surround the device in padding within the container used for shipping. Continue to execute commands in accessing your drive if you believe head-to-surface contact has occurred. Heads can break and the storage properties of the platter surface will be destroyed making it less likely that a successful recovery can occur.
Make sure that if your drive or tape has been exposed to a natural or man-made disaster, you seal the media in an appropriate container until it can be examined in a controlled environment. Run utilities if you are not familiar with the programs! They can overwrite existing data files. If you happen to run any utility, make sure you can UNDO any alterations if they prove unsuccessful.
Remember to disclose any pre-existing conditions that occurred prior to data loss when submitting your device for data recovery service. This information helps us expedite the service by taking additional testing and guesswork out of the data recovery scenario. Open the drive (crack the seal) if you are not familiar with hard drives and are not in a controlled environment! This disturbs the hardware settings and allows contaminants to settle internally on the media surface -- including oils from finger tips! This can be fatal if heads and/or additional contaminants are allowed to make contact with the platter surface.
Enclose details about the data files you are most concerned about when shipping your media to Excalibur. Read backup tapes without write protecting first. Many users overwrite or format tapes when they accidentally type in the wrong command.
Enclose a business card or company letterhead with your media. This, along with the tracking number assigned to your order, helps us to quickly identify the media and contact the appropriate personnel regarding the status of your data recovery job. Expose drives or media to magnetic fields that can erase data...simple things like telephones and monitors can cause irreparable damage.
  Forget to verify a backup once the backup process is complete.
  Format your drive! Even a low level format can cause problems if you are not sure what is initially wrong with your device.

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