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data recovery services by Excalibur Data Recovery, Inc. of Methuen, MassachusettsThe Data Recovery Process

Each caller is asked to provide basic information to receive a quote for service. The caller is asked to provide no less than the media type, storage capacity and format to be assured of quote accuracy. The configuration and number of devices involved in a recovery attempt dictate the price structure presented as well. There is a reason for the range in the price scale provided to each caller. Excalibur quotes a "best case, worst case" scenario to each potential client before they commit themselves to our service. There are no hidden or unexpected surprises or unexpected expenses when doing business with Excalibur.

STEP 1 - MEDIA EVALUATION: Upon arrival at our facility, our highly experienced technical team will test and assess the device in order to determine the extent and type of damage sustained. This assessment will provide the necessary background to make the determination if a successful extraction of data is possible and the action(s) required to complete the balance of recovery service. A report is generated to the attention of the client and/or contact with these test results. The recovery phase of service WILL NOT be performed without authorization from the client to proceed. There is an evaluation fee charged for all media submitted. However, the evaluation fee is directly applicable to the balance of the recovery service. Each client is presented with an overview, which Excalibur has found invaluable in aiding the client with the difficult task to decide, "What is the value of the data? Is the cost of performing the recovery service worth it to me? Can I afford to do without or do I make the decision to have Excalibur recoup the lost data for me?"


STEP 2 - MEDIA RECOVERY: Each device received is tested and classified within the range quoted based upon (but not limited to) the following criteria: (1) Lower-Range Recovery Fees: The media submitted for service is received in "as failed condition" and can be fixed fairly easily and rapidly without investing in components; (2) Mid-Range Recovery Fees: Again, the media is received in "as failed condition" yet new components/parts are required in order to rebuild and stabilize the media. Logical fixes and media error bypassing as well as media imaging are required in order to complete the recovery service . It is also determined after reworking the hardware that a nominal amount of time remains in order to complete the balance of service successfully; (3) Mid-to High-ended Recovery Fees: Mechanical failure and/or physical defect is evident with the media submitted and requires extensive rebuilding and customization. Devices that have also been tampered with or altered by recovery attempts prior to submission to Excalibur can easily cause recovery fees to be higher. Damage caused by natural elements, such as water and fire, will also increase fees charged. Labor and parts invested in the recovery attempt will elevate pricing…just like any other consumer service does.

When the extraction, manipulation and reconstruction of the data are completed, the total volume of data is calculated. Based upon the amount of information being recovered, current & preferred choices available for data transfer are usually CD's, DVD's or External USB hard drives. Excalibur prefers the USB option as this media is reliable, convenient, and very user friendly. The USB provides a current, viable backup as well as an efficient, portable device for future use as well.

Please contact an Excalibur data recovery specialist directly if you have any questions or concerns.


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